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Strengths Finder Test Results

Self-awareness is one of those traits that is one of the most challenging skills to nurture (ask me about astrology!) I love anything that affords me new information about myself. Not because I want to validate my suspicions, but I think that presence and personality are things that affect other people more than myself. For example, it doesn’t affect me negatively if I’m in a constant state of generating many ideas. I love discussing new ideas for things as a matter of conversation. However, it matters that I am aware it can be distracting if I am not careful about presenting feasible or relatable ideas to the team.

Recently, some colleagues recommended Gallup’s Strength Finder Test. I was surprised at how unique it was from the MBTI Test (ENTJ) and the Enneagram Test (3 or 7.) The questions were not prescriptive or descriptive, and the results were revealing. I also liked this test because it was behind the philosophy that we should be focusing on growing our strengths rather than focusing on boosting our weaknesses. The theory is that we should “double down,” on our strengths and “navigate,” our weaknesses with awareness.

My Top 5 Strengths were:

  • Command
  • Achieve
  • Activator
  • Ideation
  • Intellection

I wasn’t surprised that my results showed a tendency towards “command,” and “achieve,” traits. I’ve always thought I needed to tone down this aspect, but the results gave me ways to fine-tune it in team settings and that this is something that is an asset to teams, rather than a liability. I’m also not sure if I manifest this because I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career and had to be very self-assured OR I am an entrepreneur because I have these traits. Quite the chicken or egg conundrum. Either way, I thrive in environments that allow me freedom to take risks in a sandbox, and where achievement can be measured and surfaced often.

I paid $50 for this fancy test, so I thought I might share the results.

10/10 highly recommend for any professional at any stage who believe self-awareness is a constant work in motion.

This was my favorite! I always wanted to verbalize how much I love watching teams come alive, and the fun of building coalitions. I didn’t think there was a personality label for this, and I think I enjoy aspects of consulting that allow me freedom to activate others towards a common goal.

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