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Notes: Cobol to Web Based App

Many of the enterprise modernization projects I have undertaken start with something that looks like the example of the screen I posted above. I made this as part of a training program for other analysts who are responsible for gathering the requirements.

It’s a simulation of the Springfield Power Plant’s financial billing system!

It is one of my favorite types of projects.

I modeled this one after projects I’ve undertaken from taking Cobol (My favorite legacy language) to a Bootstrap/JavaScript/Oracle Database application.

Designing something like this is an enormous undertaking.

Here are some important lessons learned:

  1. Invest time into understanding the full scope of the legacy screens. Examine how they are used, where it came from, what the data feeds into, and what business process it can be “bucketed,” into.
  2. Understand that the users are very used to the “way things are.” Utilize Lean UX deign methods to help engage users. Split the screen into “As-Is” and “To-Be” as you speak, so that the user can follow along.
  3. It doesn’t have to be pretty, at first. Focus on capturing all the processes, users, and policies that may have contributed to certain features or screens.



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