Think of Charlotte

Think of Charlotte comes from “Think of SOMETHING, Charlotte!”

I thought of this domain name during a very difficult project a few years ago. At that time, both my client and myself would say it repeatedly throughout the day. I liked how the phrase reminded me of the trust from my client to seek my advice as a consultant.  I liked that it was a jest at trying to think of something to call my blog. 

Hello Friends! I’m trying to make this less like my last Xanga account circa 2001. Help me by suggesting what would be helpful to know in your tech careers, HCD, CX, life as a working (millennial) mom, and being a 1.5 generation immigrant. All of these are a combination of what I call “roots and pursuits.” In general, I think it’s important to know where you come from to create an effective vision of the future. One of my favorite mentors gave me two pieces of advice, “You can have it all but not all at once” and “There are no shortcuts to reputation and relationships.” I’ll use this blog to see if my trials and errors will help anyone else. -C.